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No Longer Complicated Xeno is talking about what is Mine

Knowing Xeno as an artist over our career the last few years we seen many different faces of him. There was a quiet Xeno as he went into hiding, there was an acid trip X where he had very raw music, then there was Xeno that was complicated. We remember when Xeno put out complicated with our favorite latin lover the infamous Seda Sounds. Now Xeno coming out with that heat that flow. He showing us who is his now in his latest single Mine. The video with a very chill vibe has himself talking about that lady that is his.

The song produced by Kris Ja'lon and directed by Armando Ortega is a perfect blend for what he was trying to project. That he will do anything for that one person, the one he knows is his. That she doesn't have to worry about things he got it, and how she has him and he can get it when he wants it because it his. We at Rawrrzone feel like he's finally got his nitch in the field. We love to see when artists like him progress into his ultimate self. He doesnt fall into the actual category of trap rap or goon music but he found his flow and his style and this is what we love seeing here.

Keep going Xeno with great music we here for it!

Follow him everywhere @_xenomusic

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