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Rawrr Picks - Honey Dinero Pink Honey

There have been many artists that have put out amazing projects in 2019, but this artist this project stands out to us the most. For those that do not know Pink Honey was a project released on Halloween by Honey Dinero. For those that do not know her you might know her as Benny on a New York Minute or her first project Lipstick and Bullets . However you may know her her presence has resonated in more ways than one. But this project hits home as the album Pink Honey reflects on her journey as a breast cancer survivor.

Photo Credit to Big Aqe

During her listening session on October 30th we heard a different side of Honey Dinero as the project had personal conversations with her physicians and raw emotion as the project was a documentation of her journey thus far. The listening party was a gathering of her closest friends, family, colleagues and media. Her listening party included a sit down interview as they went through each song on the track list.

Our favorites from the album include Dont Count Me Out, Alkaline Flow, and Long Kiss.

Dont Count Me Out is intense especially in the start of the song, as Honey does a small interlude with the slow rhythm of the heart monitor. She warns the world do not count her out as she takes over cancer and she will take over the industry. Alkaline flow the name came from the Alkaline she had in her system during her chemotherapy, using this as a metaphor she gave the world the bars for the hustlers.

Long Kiss is for the men that waste females time. She did not hold punches as she told the world for all the time she wasted she could have masturbated. That is something we can all attest to for time invested that we had in prior relationships that we won't get back.

We don't want to give you everything so make sure you follow her everywhere @honeydinero

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