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A.E. TheBrokenArtist Reminds us to fight for a New Day in Jungle

We met A.E. TheBrokenArtist back after the first Giveback for Shawn of the year at CoExist Gaming back in May since then the multifaceted artist has continued to shake the game up with his many tours/performances, visuals and sounds. His latest single Jungle is no different, being the versatile artist that he is Jungle gives us a boombap flow which sets him apart from his single Y.D.K which had a lofi, Tyler the Creator flow.

The single Jungle describes his ten years as an MC that he continues to fight the trenches in the jungle, in order to achieve his dreams and continues to look for a new day. A.E continues to bring quality music to his audiences near and far, we can't wait to see what the artist does next.

Follow him on Instagram @aeproductions


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