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Alex Winston’s ‘Special Feeling’ Is an Indie-Pop Gem

Detroit-born singer-songwriter Alex Winston returns with ‘Special Feeling’, a captivating exploration of the artist’s inner struggle. This indie-pop gem blends enchanting guitar melodies with introspective lyrics, delving into the paradoxical desire for recognition while fearing vulnerability. It’s a relatable theme that resonates deeply with Alex and countless creatives navigating the challenges of self-expression.

Winston’s career has already seen a critically acclaimed debut album and collaborations with notable artists. Despite numerous setbacks, her dedication to music remains unwavering. Before the pandemic, she captivated audiences with versatile singles, showcasing her ability to transcend genres.

‘Special Feeling’ is the third single from her highly anticipated upcoming album. The song perfectly embodies the album’s overarching theme, positioning Winston to reclaim her place as a leading voice in indie-pop.

‘Special Feeling’ is a song about wanting to be seen yet being terrified of it at the same time,” says Winston. “A paradox that I think a lot of artists feel putting their work out into the world, but also something we all feel to a certain extent.

With ‘Special Feeling,’ Alex Winston offers an introspective anthem for anyone who has ever grappled with the complexities of self-expression.


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