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All About Emerging Country Artist "Breland"

Daniel Gerard Breland (born July 18, 1995), regarded professionally as Breland, is an American singer, songwriter, and film producer of a country-trap, R&B, and soul tune hybrid. Breland recently came into hype after releasing his song My Truck. The New Jersey-born country-trap singer, rapper, and songwriter exploded onto the scene in early 2020 when his debut single, "My Truck," gained traction on TikTok, leading to over 800,000 videos on the platform using the official "My Truck" audio. After releasing his song, he came into the limelight as everyone started to recognize him for his music and appreciated it.

After garnering fame through social media, his debut single, "My Truck," soared to notoriety the following year, hitting No. 26 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and being remixed by Sam Hunt before being certified platinum for sales of one million devices in January 2021.

Breland has launched two EPs on Bad Realm Records/Atlantic Records, and his tune has been streamed on Spotify over 28 million times. He is scheduled to launch his debut complete-period album in 2021.

Daniel Breland was born in Burlington, New Jersey, with two ordained preachers Tonya and Gerard Breland, who raised him in a gospel-music-filled environment. Breland grew up in Burlington, New Jersey, who filled their home with gospel music. He grew up in surroundings with a musical background from his childhood as his parents and sister are also singers and involved in music. When he was 14, he went to the Peddie School, a New Jersey boarding faculty, and became exposed for the primary time to secular tune inside the hip-hop, R&B, country, and pop genres. His favorites had been 70s soul artists consisting of Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

Breland commenced writing his personal songs, a mix of patterns he was taking note of and preferred. He declined admission to the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University to pursue a degree in commercial enterprise at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. While there, he sang and organized a cappella with a group called the Phantoms.

He first started to release his songs on YouTube and in Sound Cloud. He earned much fame and popularity on YouTube and began to be known as a YouTube artist. Through his hard work,

courage, and dedication, he broke the borders and became a country artist. Now he has millions of subscribers on YouTube and fans from all over the world. In September, Breland, 25, released his weekly Apple Music Country radio display, "Land of the BRE," wherein he performs music and talks with artists helping push country music forward. "My Truck" turned into a marquee moment for Breland, his roadmap for his future seeking something even more remarkable.


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