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"ART IS MONEY" by Black Picassoo Music Review

Trippy vibes with a taste of elegance, college stories and lifestyle can only begin to define “Art Is Money” by Cambridge Massachusetts own, Black Picassoo (double O). Welcome to the journey of Cambridge Bred Entertainment!

“Spend The Night” featuring Stackboystar is a direct message solution for those long distance situation-ships. Not just a club banger but also a play by play to land a baddie. Know your worth before dropping a bag Kings! Lets go!!!

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” is the kick back jam that sets the tone for the ride home from the club. That feel good music, crank it up and put something in the air. Tempo ranging from fast to relaxed really sets the vibe for the night life.

“Taste” featuring DBA switch the range and that move gives an aggressive vibe which is perfect when follow up story speaks on a wild police chase. The cadence is as close to excellence when another transition from rapping to singing the hook puts the performances above and beyond the opening acts. The beat is the canvas that this masterpiece lay.

“Where I Live” speaks on the reality of what the progression feels like as we reflect on the blessings. This world was meant to be a wild one so we know there might be violence involved. No life is perfect but there are solutions to these issues we encounter. Lets celebrate the wins and capitalize with this love your self song.

“Hit A Lick” is the perfect jam to blow a bag and freshen up for a night out. Fast paced anthem for the fly and respected. This track is what we will be playing while getting ready, on the way to the club and then requesting from the DJ type vibes.

“Guapanese” puts the ill in drill, leaving a graphic depiction of what the wrong move may result. A godly beat accompanied with the lyrics meant to describe a King. When we speak a different language and make different moves its clear we are a different breed.

“Rambo” featuring DBA the best way to explain this track is, audio drip leaking through the speaker. This is trend setter music, bass heavy and positive vibes. A straight up hit single with the club appeal, speaking that talk. If you live the fast life then this is your language.

“Island Tings” featuring Lizzle4 is a romantic hit single reminiscent of the summer. With over 6k streams on its opening month, this track has the perfect combination of RnB and club vibes. The dance floor is waiting and there are no rules.

“Love College” is a new age, bass heavy track that details the college life. Mindset of an urban college kid translated for all to experience. Listen along and add to one of your playlists if you have had similar experiences. Let us know what you think of the album in the comments below.

“WYD” sets the mood for a feisty night with your shorty. We all know things can go left at any moment so we toast to the positive vibes. This track is for the anthem for young, paid and trippy lifestyle trendsetters.

“Medusa Head” speaks of the sexy demons in the clubs that get in your head. Not every baddie wants your best intentions so stay sharp. This bop has all the elements of a sure hit so make sure to add to your playlists ASAP!

“Active” has soulful vibes that highlight nonchalant vibe of the lyrics. Feel good music that fits well with some smoke or sip of your fancy. Grown folk music from a young artist in the industry. New age cuddle music on an album full of energy. This track is needed to regain some energy.

“WYD Remix” featuring Wally Sparks is a rendition of “WYD” with a Cambridge shout out, imagery of what its like chilling at the party. East coast hip hop at its finest. Comment below if you know you know.

“Outro” is a spoken word love letter to the journey that is… Black Picassoo (double O) Thank you for rocking with the Cambridge Bred Entertainment movement. We hope you enjoy, you are appreciated.


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