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Beats and Other Tracks - @BeatsTyrie

Creating momentum by way of brand appeal. Digital marketer, music producer and entrepreneur Brian Tyrie represents Sicker Than Most bringing sound to the public. Brian Tyrie has been actively promoting artists to countless independent music publications, internet radio stations with marketing strategies to create fanbases and revenue. Custom music production, branding, marketing and more! From creation to promotion and sales Brian Tyrie @BeatsTyrie has you covered! Follow on YouTube by clicking below!

CINNAMON is a custom made beat for REAL MC's ONLY! You can find Brian Tyrie on all social media @BeatsTyrie and please subscribe to the channel! Also check out the rest of Sicker Than Most and stay tuned for upcoming events and music releases.

What do you think of this beat? Purchase here, but first we want to know... Who Would Drop A Better Verse? Leave your answer in comments and please subscribe. If you really love this, please share with an artist.

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