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Bossie Vee takes it up a notch in Toxsex

The Brooklyn Native Bossie Vee has been no stranger to our website, for those that do not know not only is she a singer songwriter but she is a podcast host and CEO of JagLife LLC. She has spent the last few years on a journey not only as a singer but as a person. We have seen her grown to be more confident not only in her music but to have the confidence within herself and we see it shine bright as she takes it up a notch with Toxsex.

A step up from her 2023 single Sensual Gal Vee dives into the hot passion of toxic sex. The hook is catchy and gives us a vibe thinking of the wrong person we want to do something with. With more vocal control we can see her take the sultriness' to another level. 2024 is going to be something to be reckoned with. Over the last couple years we seen Bossie improve vocally and as a writer, this next phase of Bossie Vee is a pleasant surprise for everyone that listens to her music.

Check out the track below

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