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Brooklyn Diva Krooklyn marks her territory in debut EP Long Story Short

They say the best things in life come in small packages, even in the world of music. The young femcee from Brooklyn gave the world a little taste of what to expect from her moving forward. The project which dropped January 29th of this year was the best way to kick off the first quarter. The three track EP gave us an inside look into Krooklyn

Many people of different walks of life have been taking the genre of hip-hop and making new and innovative versions of the music. Without having to have met here in person there is more to the artist outside of the diva bravado. There is a well spoken, oiled machine with comebacks that many will not be able to grasp. She looks to set an example in the music industry for female artists as the game has not been treating them fairly.

Long Story Short released January 29th, 2022 under No Day's off Entertainment . Thee three track EP shows the lyrical versatility of the Brooklyn femcee breaking herself down into three versions of herself in the project. Beast Mode Krooklyn gives us Nikki Minaj Queens vibes meets Slim Shady raw authenticity. The track giving the trap vibes, yet has the listener motivated to keep pushing through their day. Mas Vida (More Life) the low vibe track instills the vision of continuing to enjoy the fruits of your labor. While S.I.Y.L Stay In Your Lane Krooklyn brings back 90's hip hop with a modern twist to an old classic. Krooklyn is looking to change the game in 2022 wait and see.

About Krooklyn

When one shades some light at the stilettos that female rappers like KROOKLYN have to fill in the Hip Hop genre today, you could think that is unreal in height and stature.

However, the female diva has for a long time been preparing for a time such as this while collaborating in studio and songwriting with some established rappers and artists like; Nico Leblanc, Tashawn Music, Phrovh, Autii, and Izzy. Her contribution to some of the latest hits embracing the airwaves today is the first sign of her strength in the game.

Back in the day, there were more female M.C.s, just like KROOKLYN, who always showed up to the stage with straight fire verses that would leave you teary. Today, female rap has been belittled to being pretty with those Hollywood standards, yet in the end, the talent is just mediocre.

For quite some time, Hip Hop has waited for a rise of new divas like KROOKLYN that are ready to light up the fire back in those cyphers and always keep the fans guessing with their captivating style of delivery.

KROOKLYN is one distinguished female MC prepared to take the pressure and become your favorite female rapper. She has designed the room for herself, and this was always deemed to be the time for her to become that one Female Highlander.

Follow her everywhere @krooklyn


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