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Brooklyn Musician BenBen Celebrates Resilience in New Indie Release "Leaky Ship" (ft. Lily Desmond)

BenBen, the dynamic Brooklyn musician, is back with his latest single "Leaky Ship", featuring the talented Lily Desmond. Known for his unique high-tenor voice and genre-blending style, BenBen creates a poignant anthem that resonates with the soul.

"Leaky Ship" is a standout track from his upcoming EP, 'White Elephant'. This song is a beautiful mix of complex arrangements and catchy melodies, enriched by Lily Desmond's evocative violin. Together, they create a sound that transports listeners to new musical realms.

Inspired by finding beauty in chaos, "Leaky Ship" is about hope and compassion in tough times. BenBen’s lyrics encourage listeners to stay hopeful even when things seem bleak. Reflecting on the song, BenBen says, "It's about appreciating the world's beauty, even on a sinking ship."

With influences from Soundgarden, Radiohead, and Michael Jackson, BenBen crafts a sound that's both raw and soulful. "Leaky Ship" is an emotional journey that urges us to find solace in shared experiences and extend kindness to those in need. This release marks an exciting new chapter for BenBen, and it's sure to leave listeners wanting more.


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