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Capella Grey Turns NYC into his "Gyalis" in Latest Music Video

(Via Twitter)

The tempo and mood of hip hop had started to change the moment Capella Grey dropped Gyalis. While many think he is a one hit wonder the artist from New York has been active in the music industry since 2017 with credits including Love You Better by King Combs featuring Chris Brown. In 2019 he started to create his own music when he released his debut project Yeah Nah Im Out. The RNB artist from New York brought the heat in January 2021 releasing Gyalis with a slow buzz and eventually became a banger for the world to hear, the song catapulted Capella grey to be one of the biggest artists out of new york since Pop Smoke.

For many that do not know Gyallis is a patois term meaning promiscuous man (via Parlemag). Last week after a rerelease of the single through Capital Records and Universal Music the video came tying the entire uptown community together in a giant celebration. Thus bringing a unity in the community through music. The video featured dancers , families, local kids and more, in a week the video hit 2.2 million views. The young singer will continue to blaze the charts, lets see what he will continue to produce through the end of 2021.

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