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Chicago's E-Money drops visual for Truthfully

First and foremost shoutout to our friend Domaco Diggs up in Chi Town for submitting this talent. E-Money hailing from the Robbins / Chicago Illinois area has been on the grind since the age of 13 by writing his first raps and continued to strengthen his pen ever since. The Emcee was inspired by the greats such as Lil Wayne, Jay- Z , Drake and more.

The visual for the single Truthfully paints a representation of the artist battling his demons. The visual by. A Fly Visual released at the height of the pandemic in 2020 still continues to resonate to those who have continued to work on themselves battling their inner demons. The director brings the anxiety that many faced when overwhelmed like many who turned to drugs to make the hurt and anxiety go away.

Check out his music on his website Here

Get ready the mixtape for Moneyverse drops April 1st


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