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El-Gin Sound Mixer - June 3rd 2024 with Big Vegg Gina Ryan and Ms. Krista B. Music by Rockview Power Hour own S-Rock

"What an amazing start to what could be a new era for El-Gin Sound Radio! They hosted an event to promote the station and provide artists with opportunities to network and perfect their craft, all while pursuing their dreams.

The event also marked the beginning of a new leadership era, two years after the passing of former owner and Collective RME showrunner, Wade El-Gin. Performances featured Young Murlin, Capital Q, GeDaGod, Infamous Ty, Negus Music, and more.

We at Rawrrzone were inspired at the way that Amanda El-gin current CEO and widow of the late Wade El- Gin had presented herself and the brand as a way to help amplify the independent community to be able to increase brand awareness and give them confidence as musicians / artists.

Special thanks to our insightful speakers Big Vegg, Krista B, and Gina Ryan, as well as DJ S-Rock from the Rockview Power Mix (M-F 12-1pm) who joined us last minute. S-Rock led engaging conversations with panelists, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the audience to ask questions and connect."

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