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"GrindWork" is the Sophomore Album from ForeverFresh and We Have The Exclusive

ForeverFresh releases GrindWork and we have the EXCLUSIVE here on RawrrZoneNYC!

GRINDWORK Record Release Party was held at The Shaskeen Pub November 26th 2021 and the momentum that was created is still in full effect. ForeverFresh brings us his Sophomore Album and it is a hit after hit experience. Not only do we have a great example of hard beats, but also the bars and metaphors that ForeverFresh is known to deliver.

Add any tracks to your playlists and share with the hashtag #Grindwork and #ForeverFresh. We have a couple tracks that we recommend and why, so let us know if you agree or disagree.

"HTB" (Hard To Breathe) feat Breeze is an aggressive track with high energy. A very cinematic song with clear description that sets the imagery aside from the rest. A successful move in the sense, that brings our imagination to life.

"All Day" feat Jun Fargo is a nostalgic love song that could also serve as a motivational track to succeed. We all have goals; some are romantic, some are to build our character. This track makes us think of what our current goals are and how are we applying ourself to meet those milestones.

"Make Em Dance" is the track that will get your head bobbing and body bopping, I dare you to try to sit still with this track playing! This track is clearly the most rhythmic so skip to this track if you are looking for some energy. This track is on our work out playlists so remember to hashtag the artist #ForeverFresh and #Grindwork when you add it to your playlists so we can follow!


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