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Impeccable Mueller Drops "Shake" Ft. The Late Jimmy Wopo

Impeccable Mueller, a Harrisburg native, releases "Shake," which features the late Jimmy Wopo. Mueller has been a master of the art of music since he was four years old. In 2016, Mueller met Jimmy Wopo while opening for Lil Bibby.

Mueller had Jimmy Wopo's verse for "Shake" for a few years, but he needed a fast tempo, club music, so he changed the beat. He teamed up with 808 Mafia's Lil 88 to create a rhythm that suited the mood he was going for. Mueller felt it was important to pay tribute to Jimmy Wopo by including his verse on an 808 Mafia track. "Shake," one of the most popular songs of the year, will be released at the end of 2021, and Jimmy Wopo fans will get to hear a new verse.

Mueller is an artist to keep an eye on; among his triumphs and collaborations is Lil Rekk, who just signed with A Boogie with the Hoodie's Highbridge the Label in New York City. Kamrin Houser and Sprite Lee are two additional noteworthy characters. C-Sick, Maaly Raw, Internet Moneys DT, and Richie Souf are just a few of the well-known producers with whom he's collaborated. One of his most memorable experiences was filming a video with Sam Mcgrath in Los Angeles. Mueller will be a household name in no time; he has only begun to scrape the surface of the music he can and will create.

Listen to "Shake"


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