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Inside The Rawrrzone - Inside 855 the Album by Kony Brooks

We have known Kony Brooks since a short time after the release of Kony Island II . Since then we started to see the artist who started in 2010 change the world one rhyme at a time. We see him as a thot, a backpack rapper, even emotional in some of his tracks. 2023 brought the beast out of Kony Brooks with the release of 855.

For many years the Emcee from the Bronx has given us witty wordplay, sharp visuals, and bars that punch through a person's soul. While we heard all the words and all the emotion we never saw Brooks open and vulnerable. The project finally opens us up to his deepest feelings on his views on depression, self-love, and loss of a loved one. Many topics that we can all relate to. On the musical / entertainment side, we finally see the King found his lane, no longer having to compete or search for a lane. Brooks takes the ultimate stand in his project showing his friends, family, and enemies who the real King of New York is, The highly anticipated album was met with high regard ranking #7 on iTunes worldwide.

Let's start our breakdown with the cover art shot and edited byJuly Quin we see the metaphor of the darkness and pain he suffered with him as the focal point with the white light of his building 855. The light possibly represents the next phase he looks to proceed in his journey.

In Kony fashion, the album's track listing had a specific order easing us into the deepness of the project. The project was a perfect 15/15 track affair here is our breakdown of the project. :

Let's get into The Return & Imma do it both songs bring out classic Kony vibes and takes us back to the time when he was carefree and showed off his skills and the bravado we know and love. It was very smart to drop Imma Do It as an incentive for the pre-order giving his audience a taste of what's to come. The single is currently on rotation on El-Gin Sound Radio during their rotation highlights.

There comes a time in every artist's career when they release a track that makes us relate to what will happen to us if we are no longer here, Kony brings us to those moments in When I'm Gone. This track was placed in the top tracks that resonated the most with us with his raw vulnerability. We felt his pain on track 14 Ray Fame Forever as our audiences know Rawrrzone Alumni Ray Fame passed away tragically in February of 2021 the track was Brooks's form of therapy following Fame's death using what he knew and loved to still connect to a fallen friend. Get your tissues ready for this one!

It wouldn't be a Kony Brooks project without having the Thot Boys on a track. You have your fun adventurous time with Sneaky Link feat JR Just Real and one of the most real thot tracks I ever heard Worry about Yourself featuring July Quin and Teddy Grahams. This track was an interesting fusion of all three styles from each artist. While they touch on being thot they touch on personal insecurities and instead of them trying to work on yourself. The project features newcomer Ski the Soulchild in an amazing melody sampling Amerie, the track entitled Why Don't We Fall gives us more of a welcome early 2000s vibe.

Our final subcategory is the BARS! Kony always flexes his lyrical pen and brings us Bars on Bars! Let's just jump to it Started Something featuring X-YLE , DDave, Bakeman Global, Debanaire and G4 Jag this will go down as a classic, bringing us the possy style vibe id recommend this as motivational music to get you going when you feel like your slacking. He then brings us old school with Convo with my OG featuring Earn Dinero and Chuck Platinum this track makes you grateful for those types of conversation and the motivation it brings.

This project embodied the art of Hip-Hop during the most pivotal times of the genre's history. The success of his release is only the beginning of greatness.

Follow him everywhere @konybrooks


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