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Interview with Beldon Haigh

We got to chat with Beldon Haigh's frontman Justin Skelton around the release of their new song "World Got So Dumb".

This titular track of Beldon Haigh’s upcoming album, mercilessly pokes fun at the “whales” that are running the show and hones in the hard truth that we, the “plankton” are helpless to their whims. However, Beldon Haigh refuses to be defeated and instead reminds us it’s time to take it back.

  • Who's behind Beldon Haigh?


Justin Skelton is the front man and songwriter.

  • What inspired the creation of your latest single, "World Got So Dumb"?


Initially - Brexit and Trump and all the nonsense that went with both those things, they became the foundation stones for the original idea, but as the world became ever more unhinged, nonsensical, and actually more controlled...the idea just grew arms and legs. It's a bold thing to say, but I believe the world is getting dumber. We might have more technology and more cures and more products and solutions than ever before. But at the same time we seem to grow less and less well equipped to deal with the existential challenges of our time. And sadly, there are too many people who seem to be ok with that. There's a feeling that for many people, so long as they have the products they want, eg the latest fashion, car, face, body, hand held device and can preoccupy themselves with a good Netflix series and can zone out from reality - then it's fine to ignore the bigger challenges of our time.

  • Beldon Haigh is known for its humorous yet politically charged music videos. How do you strike a balance between entertainment and social commentary in your visuals?

By using descriptions and images and picture power, rather than standing up lecturing people. Most people hate being told what to do. So it's better to make jokes, tell stories and paint pictures. That way they can find their own meanings and connections to their own lives.  

  • The band has amassed a global following since its inception in 2017. What do you attribute this success to?


Working hard at writing, recording and making great songs and videos.  The YouTube channel contains more than 40 full length music videos, more than 4 albums worth of songs. It has taken years of very dedicated creative passion to produce that much quality content. This is also down to the fantastic band we have in Beldon Haigh and great teams of people we work with.

  • Your live performances and videos feature masks of political figures like Kim Jong Un, Trump, and Putin. What role do these masks play in your stage persona?

A huge role, they are enormously entertaining and give the whole performance a surreal feeling - their impact is dramatic and brilliant.

  • How do you think music can be a catalyst for social change in today's world?


You have to believe that social change is possible. The arts have always been huge catalysts for change. In music you can describe concepts which give people a channel for their anger, their frustration, and their need for self expression. You can also create a vision for the future - which can be beautifully idealistic. Sadly music can also be used to teach the wrong messages, the wrong values, and can be used to promote aggression and misogyny. The music industry, as a whole seems to turn a blind eye to a lot of that. So yes, music has enormous power, which is not always put to good use. Making money and doing good are two different things.   


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