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Kevin Samuels Passes Away, Who Called 911?

According to TMZ, Kevin Samuels, who we all know from his controversially trending topics, passed away from hypertension. Which is a medical term that points to high blood pressure, as being a factor. You can read the entire article on TMZ by clicking here!

Here at RawwrzoneNYC we are answering the questions circling the internet, who called 911? Who is Ortencia Alcantara? According to the police report Ortencia met Kevin Samuels the night before.

Although, Ortencia perfromed CPR in an attempt to save Kevin Samuels the internet attacked her over the tragedy. We will keep you updated if further investigations take place.

You can also check out our friends at Trap Politics, click here for the interview with Ortencia Alcantara

This post isn't about pointing fingers just a simple answer to the question many are wondering. Let us know in the comments what YOU think!


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