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Kony Brooks gets Raw in latest promo documentary for 855
Photo by @katiekay_photographyxo

If you are a Kony Brooks fan you are well aware that the long awaited album 855 is set to release on October 10th on all digital streaming platforms. For those who have not heard of Kony Brooks what rock have you been hiding under, Kony known as the King of New York has been on an uphill progression not only as an artist but as the creative visionary between it all. Since his release of When All Else Fails , Making of a Legend EP (Alongside July Quin) and his latest singles we have seen not only a more mature sound from the acclaimed MC from the Bronx but a more profound meaning in his lyrics. As a business person behind the creativity Kony has continued to stay consistent as far as promoting not only the music but has turned Kony Brooks into an established brand. Leveraging the art of business, commercializing and social media, Brooks has been able to confidently hold his ground amongst some of the greats this industry has brought us and has taken some of his knowledge from the industry and combined that with the god given talent that he was gifted with giving us what could be his best project known to date..

For those that do not know the title of the project 855 is the number to his building of the building he grew up in showing homage to his roots and where he came from. With that he brought a powerhouse of features some familiar and some new to the scene and helped bring the stories of his past to life. Over the past few weeks Kony had dropped a few surprise behind the scenes videos giving his audience a look at the recording process of the project that took over two years to bring to life. The videos would be first sent to the audience and fans who subscribed to his website first and then later dropped the video on social media platforms. He also gave people exclusive listens of one of the project's heaviest tracks.

The behind the scenes videos included Brooklyn's own Debanaire , Frontlyne Records CEO X-YLE, D Dave newcomer Ski The Soulchild just to name a few. The final documentary video released on the 23rd included a raw moment where Kony pays homage to the late Ray Fame who passed away on February of 2021 a moment that changed his life forever. Loosing Ray Fame was the biggest blow for Brooks, the ICMG2Deep Family as well as Rawrrzone it still leaves a void that can never be filled. The 8 minute documentary takes us through the day that Kony recorded his tribute to Fame, the moment we saw in the booth gives us a side of Brooks that not many have had the opportunity or privilege to sleep. He breaks down the barrier of being the savior holding the people down and invites himself to be vulnerable on the mic, reminding us that he is indeed human while many might think of him as the industries work horse.

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