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Krizz Kaliko and T-Paing Drop "BB"

Krizz Kaliko, a rapper, vocalist, and songwriter from Kansas City, was a longstanding Strange Music family member, working alongside the label's founder, Tech N9ne. He's just started working with Ear House Music.

Krizz Kaliko weaves an unforgettable thread of understanding through his music and comforting his listeners with the knowledge that they are not alone.

T-Pain joins Krizz Kaliko on his latest single, "BB," a new catchy birthday track mixed with a dance called "the BB slide," just in time for all the upcoming holiday birthdays. This song gives all the classic throwback vibes and features two skilled artists who have collaborated to create a timeless hit. Everyone enjoys music that allows them to dance.

The music video is entertaining and captivating. T-Pain and Krizz Kaliko are recruit dancers and then smash cake in their faces. This song is a classic and sure to add a nostalgic musical experience this holiday season.


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