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Lilise Shares Self-Titled Debut EP

After bursting onto the scene with two folk-laced singles, Lilise returns with her debut self-titled EP that’s drizzled in the same opulent and melancholic DIY pop. Hailing from Greater London, at a mere 18 years old, it’s clear to see that Lilise is an artist on the up. Very much in her formative years as an artist, she is already taking on the topics of gender inequality, female body image, and self-worth as an artist and a woman with a maturity beyond her years. The plans for 2024 are only getting more grandiose, but for now her self-titled EP is true to the roots of Lilise. It is minimalistic in its production, featuring heavily acoustic instrumentation, and that shines a true light on Lilise’s vocal performances throughout the release. Its rawness is its beauty, and makes the messages of this release all the more impactful. It’s exuberant and introspective.

Comprising three new tracks—'Unrequited Love', 'Written by Men', and 'Baggy Clothes'—the EP further solidifies Lilise's musical prowess. Each track is accompanied by a captivating music video, highlighting Lilise's commitment to storytelling through music and visuals.

The stand-out track ‘Unrequited Love’ exudes this better than any; it doesn’t stand out as self-pitiful, or complacent, but instead rings true as a deeply questioning piece that reflects poignantly on the internal feelings and external social difficulties that come in the face of love that cannot move forward.


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