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Marlhy’s Latest Single “Young And Naive”: A Playful Anthem for Today’s Youth

Marlhy, the fearless multi-instrumentalist, returns with her newest single, “Young And Naive,” challenging stereotypes about today's youth. Released on March 8, the track showcases Marlhy’s honesty, vulnerability, and musical talent, reinforcing her status as a ones-to-watch in today’s music scene.

In “Young And Naive”, Marlhy integrates her skills as a drummer and singer-songwriter, pushing boundaries both musically and thematically. Collaborations with artists like Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens), Duke & Jones, NGHTMRE, and Virtual Riot have earned her recognition from fans and critics.

Inspired by the misconceptions surrounding young people, Marlhy embraces the confusion and difficulty of self-discovery in her lyrics. The playful addition of the kazoo reflects her whimsical approach to songwriting, drawing from her interactions with fans on Twitch streams.

Marlhy’s track record of features on Spotify’s editorial playlists and collaborations with top-tier artists speaks to her ability to defy expectations and innovate in modern music. “Young And Naive” invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with its infectious melodies and relatable lyrics.

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