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Meet CHKLZ: The Masterminds Behind Pawesomeness

CHKLZ is more than just a dance music duo; they’re a movement. Comprised of DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean, the pair has been captivating audiences worldwide for the past few years with their music and heartwarming story. Their journey began with an unexpected encounter with a small white dog named Charlie, found on a blistering Fourth of July in Phoenix. Rescued from under a truck, Charlie, affectionately nicknamed “Chuckles,” became the symbol of CHKLZ’s mission: to create an inclusive community where everyone feels they belong.

This ethos of unity and joy permeates their music, resonating with their devoted fanbase, the 'Doggies'. With a unique sound that blends live instrumentation and electronic elements, CHKLZ has crafted a genre they call Groove Fiesta, characterized by rich, layered rhythms and vibrant energy. Their performances are a testament to their innovative spirit, making every show a unique experience.

CHKLZ’s meteoric rise includes accolades like being named Best Dance Artist 2023 by the Phoenix New Times. Their breakthrough at Friendzy Fest 2023 in Alberta was a turning point, propelling them to international acclaim. As they continue to tour and produce new music, including a remix of the hit “White Wine Spritzer”, CHKLZ is a duo to keep an eye on.


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