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Meko Sky reflects on his beginnings in 665

Meko Sky gave us different sides of himself in Stereotype and Vintage Mirror, and Nala Sky after 2 years and a pandemic later Meko Sky releases 665. 665 is a testament to the Bronx Mc 's life growing up in building 665. In the release event (see above for our Rawrrzone on Location) Sky shares his experience growing up with his brother Quest while giving him his flowers as he was the backbone through the entire process encouraging him and giving him feedback and being the best sibling one can be.

The eight track project has singles Lose / Lose and 4 Walls feat Nala Jay both with visuals on Youtube which have become fan favorites within the first few weeks of their release. What stood out to us the most was the versatility and the difference between the three features. Nala being the only female feature on the project brings out a more melodic side to Sky's project while Nikmoody and Richard Pigkaso took hip hop to a new level in Dirt and Motiv8tion. All three features complemented the project immensely and helped bring Meko's vision to life. The project as a whole gives the audience a better perspective of the man behind the lyrics.

With certain surprises in store we can't wait to see what is in store for the young MC.

Stream the album below and follow him everywhere @mekosky


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