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MuffinMan Sports Zone/What's Wrong With New York Sports

Who remembers the days of Eli Manning winning the superbowl. The Knicks making it to the playoffs almost every year. The days of Mark Sanchez leading the Jets to the playoffs, as a jets fan that's the best I can come up with. The days of the Mets and Mike Pizza actually being contenders. The Yankees 4 straight championships. Hockey well the Islanders made it to the Stanley Cup last year so Hockey fans had that. Now a days all New York fans think about is which way is our team going to find a way to loose this time.

Lets start with Baseball, whether your a fan of the Mets or Yankees this year has been a Major disappointment for both teams. Though the Yankees might make it to the playoffs this year, its still as a wild card team and still we have to hope that the win the one game playoff. The Mets on the other hand pretty much showed even when things change they still stay the same. Even though most of the team was hurt they where lucky to be playing in a weak division until they decided to loose 11 games straight to fall out of first place and are now even below a .500 record.

How about the Jets and Giants. Both teams are a complete mess right now and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. The Giants keep making the wrong moves over and over again even though at the time they seem like the right moves. The Jets what can I say they are a circus, nothing has gone right for them and at the moment they hit the reset button again and I even lost count on how many times it has happen over the years.

The Knicks well the have been a bright spot this last year. A lot of young talent coming into its own and finally making the garden a place that players want to come to. Yes we sign Kemba Walker this off season and yes I feel that the team we have this upcoming season is better compared to last year's that made the playoffs. The one thing I worry about is that every other team in the eastern conference has also Improved, so right now its lets wait and see.

Though we have gone through alot of bad these last few years there are some teams are starting to look like they may be breaking out of that loser state that they have been. Like I said before the Knicks are really starting to look like they might be consistent contenders. The Jets seem to actually have a coach and GM that knows what they are doing. The Yankees well lets see what happens in the off season. As for the Mets well hopefully their new owner will actually continue to spend money to improve the team. I just hope that New York one of the great sports towns can get back to being what it once was so that we can all enjoy our teams again.


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