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MuffinMan Sports - The Death Of A Legend

It was a sad day for Football and Gamers alike with the passing of John Madden. Not only did we loose a beloved Hall of famer we also lost the person behind a beloved gaming franchise that has a cult following that has grown to having a show based on the tournaments to find the best player for the game. Even if you aren't a sports fan you've heard of John Madden in one form or another.

My first experience with John Madden and I'm going to date myself saying this was with the movie the Little Giants where he made a cameo as himself along with some of the players for the New York Giants.

He was very respected when it came to his knowledge of the game having the all time winning percentage of any coach with at least 100 wins with a 103-32-7 record. After retiring from coaching at the age of 42 he became a broadcaster starting with CBS in 1979 till he finished in 2008 with NBC.

Other people know his name due to the EA sports games that come out every year. Though they used his name for the games alot of people don't know just how involved he was with their development year after year. Its funny how he was actually the 3rd choice for the franchise, but his involvement and his demand for it to be as close to the real thing as possible has made it a household name which generates 600 million each year for EA.

As a Football Fan and also a gamer, I just want to say Thank you for all that you have done to grow two things that has brought enjoyment to me over the years. RIP John Madden you will be missed.


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