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First off welcome to the first ever post of the Sports Zone. Though this post won't really have any sports in it I want to give you an idea of what to expect. I'm a very advent sports head, You'll see everything from football to baseball and I'll even touch on wrestling. You can expect a post every Tuesday just for now due to football season starting and wanting to see the Monday night game. I'll cover a vary of things and of course give opinions on it and as time goes by I wanna give you the readers a voice on here as well.

Now that the intro is out of the way, lets talk some football. Being from New York my eyes are on the Jets and Giants to see what they do this year. To be honest I really don't think either team is going anywhere this year. Jets have already talked about being patient so they are already putting the expectation that this teams is built for the future and this year is all about development. Though with some of the young players on this team the future may be brighter then what people think.

The Giants on the other hand are in my opinion all over the place. Their O line though improved from last year with some of the signings its still pretty crappy. We saw very little of them in the preseason, but the little that we did see makes me worry that they won't be able to protect Daniel Jones, let alone open holes for Saquon Barkley. The one hope I do see for them is that they do have a be better wide receiver corp. compared to last year.

With the two local teams in the state they're in I feel its still going to be an interesting season. Alot of questions will be answered by the end of the year. Will the Giants be looking for a new Quarterback and GM, I think they will. Are the Jets and this is coming from a fan finally not the joke of the NFL and are actually becoming a creditable franchise, No Idea ,but it is lookin' on the up and up.

With the season opening this week come back Tuesday to see what I have to say with about this weeks games. With that said stay bless to all the Kings and Queens out there and see you next week.


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