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Nala Jay - Cruisin'

Nala Jay does it again , the queen from the BX gives us a visual to her hit single Cruisin' directed by Kay Jones productions we see the singer living her best life enjoying the scenery in PA. The imagery presented by Jones productions brings Jay's vision to life giving us the 90's feel on a modern day boss babe. What we love about Nala is she stays consistent not only to her image but the clarity and the quality of her work that she presents. Nala has never found the need to be someone she is not and has continued to give her best self in her music and her visuals. She stays natural and true in her appearance making her shine like the star she is destined to be. She also continues to work with a team that is clearly focused on the success of her music and artistic vision. The video makes you want to call your girlfriends and get the drop top out before the summer is over.

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