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Noelle Kay releases video for her single "My Bae"

Bronx native, Noelle Kay debuts her single My Bae, a sweet love song dedicated to her sweetie. Noelle Kay is a dual talented artist with a background in music and acting. She attended Talented & Gifted School and Manhattan East, being a part of various talent competitions and productions.

Music background: Noelle Kay gets her vocal ability from her dad who contributed to her love for creative art. With musical influences ranging from Gladys Knight to Tank to Teyana Taylor it is not a surprise that her music makes you feel like she is singing to you personally.

My Bae explores all the feels you experience when you are in love. Noelle’s vocals melodically trail over the beat as she sings,

“Love you like IG love you on Monday,

transform you on Tuesday,

give it to you Wednesday,

get thirsty for you Thursday,

get flashbacks on Friday”.

This song makes you feel like you are in love, living the teenage dream. The imagery and metaphors paint a picture of what it feels like when your heart belongs to another, and you reminisce about them whenever you are apart no matter how soon ago it was.

Noelle Kay has performed at many highly reviewed venues including SOB’s and The Lincoln Center. Noelle Kay is dedicated to growing creatively both independently and socially. She is open to working with other female artists and makes it a goal to connect weekly with other creatives.

Listen to My Bae


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