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Phenom Releases First Project Since Return

Disclaimer: This review will be rally raw , all views presented here are those of Ekaterini Katie Kay Koufalis aka Ivy of Welcome to The Rawrrzone

Why are we highlighting this project in this manner one might ask? Phenom was one of the reasons why Welcome to The Rawrrzone is what it is today. He introduced us to the former platform where we started our show five years ago. He was one of our first guest which broke records with 650 plays in one episode, allowing us to dive into his last studio project Ethos. Phenom not only has supported us over the years but he has helped and collaborated with many that you have seen on Rawrrzone and does not get all the credit he deserves.

If there was anything that Rawrrzone alum Phenom has taught us is to never turn your back on the underdog. The artist / entrepreneur from the Bronx recently released put out his third studio album Mr. Phenomenal which shined a light on the stroke he suffered and how it affected him both mentally, physically and musically. Stay with me, while Phenom has the clean commercial sound he gave us a culture shock off the bat in Gatsby. The introduction to the album takes us back to the 1920s jazz, as he pulls the audience to prepare for the beat to drop. His flow on the track reminded us of a more refined Phenom during his Phenomenal Love vol 2. stage, fast paced and lyrical made us proud knowing everything Phenom had went through. It was as if nothing happened to the young MC.

"Lost My Grandmother thought i'd never recover/ back to the music, myself I had to rediscover"

The album was also a tribute to his grandmother Inez "Wela" Pagaan who had passed away in 2019. She was his ultimate supporter and his songs Live for The Moment and Faith was an audial representation of the feelings he was experiencing over losing his grandmother and going through his health issues. The album is a wealth of knowledge and motivation for those who feel like their spirits are down, Phenom takes his darkness and puts it into light in a way that everyone of different walks can relate to it. To resonate and be able to have faith in themselves and know things will get better.

It would not be a So Phenomenal Album without features from members of the label Oz The Great and Kgnice. That's My Baby feat KG Nice taps into Phenoms Puerto Rican roots with a vibe that fits into a summer party in the club. At The Altar while playful the track is more sophisticated bringing out a more commercial love song that can be played at any wedding. Move over Bruno Mars, Phenom and Oz are coming for you . What is impressive about Phenom is his versatility he will give you a song for every occasion without curses. As an artist he removed the word Bad (in reference to women) to Masterpiece as a product of his 2017 single Masterpiece feat Seda.

The production of this project is top notch, you hear all the instrumentals and the clearness in the vocals.

Stream the project below

Follow him everywhere @phenomspe

Welcome back Phenom!


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