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Promises Rene gives us tools for healing in latest Book

The pandemic caused turmoil for a little over two years taking the lives of many and leaving a trail of despair, confusion and chaos at every turn. For Promises Rene she lost her entire life. In the later half of 2020 Promises husband and prominent life coach William Huff passed away from what was thought to be an infection of the throat led to something more severe.

From pain came beauty, Rene took her hurt her pain and anguish and put together a guidebook for those that go through the grieving process. Feel Deal Heal is a testament of how she took the darkest period of her life and turned it into a story of triumph for here and her family. The book split into three parts Feeling, Dealing and Healing.

Part I Feeling is the story behind the book. Prior to her husband's death the couple lived their lives raising four beautiful children, assisting her husband's mother as she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease earlier that year, and of course working as coaches and teachers. One day Huff called Promises with complaints of a scratchy throat, little did they know that it would lead to something life changing. Within the entire chapter we feel and read the pain and the strength Promises had to chanel and endure as she took him to doctors appointments , continue to work, as well as try to keep it together for the sake of her family. Throughout the chapter we continue to see not only support from her family but from her friends, coworkers, as well as the hospital staff that worked tirelessly to save Huff. The chapter ends as Promises lays one final kiss on Huffs lips and says goodbye to her best friend and partner.

Part II Deal describes the aftermath, as she felt she was slipping into a state of silence after Huff passes away her world felt dark and bleak not wanting to enjoy the gifts that life brings. This chapter gives us insight as she describes her mourning process making the reader reflect upon the loss they have felt on their own. Part III Heal gives the reader the lessons they will soon have to face such as Learning to Ask for Help , Dating Yourself and learning when it is okay to love again not only in a relationship approach but in all aspects of life.

The book comes with a journal and a workbook to help the reader get through the grieving process.

About Promises Rene

In the past 11 months, Coach Promises Rene' has had to make a major adjustment in her life after losing her ULTIMATE Best Friend and BIGGEST cheerleader. Going from “We to ME”, she has accepted acceptance and is now taking joy in paying homage to her late husband, her high school soulmate and sweetheart, Coach William R. Huff. Among all the other hats that she wears in the corporate world, Promises Rene’ is also the mother to their four (4) beautiful, handsome, intelligent, and talented children. It can not go unnoticed that she is also a dog owner as well. confessional, Certified Life Coach of ICU Coaching Academy, Radio and TV Personality, MC, Owner and CEO of Speak Life Mentorship and Life Coaching, 2 Time International Best-Selling Author, an Actress, and American Beauties Plus for NC 2022,

Coach Promises Rene’ also has experience from dealing with years of grief, trauma, being a domestic violence survivor, survivor of molestation and rape and the law enforcement industry, she has developed, nurtured, and heighten her passion and vision to new levels. They have been the motivation behind her desire to assist individuals and families to identify, establish, persistently pursue, and accomplish their goals and visions. She is taking it a step further, as she is striving to instruct, guide, and mentally rehabilitate individuals to adapt and take advantage of their second chance in life through the Re-Entry Program specifically designed for that population.

She has also vowed to be as transparent as possible and peel her layers in front of the world to help heal the land. Working with youth who have been traumatized, blended families who are adjusting to a new way of living and the millions of people who have not only suffered the loss of spouses, other loved ones/members of their family and jobs during the pandemic but in life.

Coach Promises Rene’ is a devoted and loyal member of The Shift Church Atlanta. She also had

the privilege of serving as a Cheer Coach for Stone Mountain Middle School (with 16 years of experience under her belt), been a youth mentor for 17 years and counting. She is a member and volunteer in the communities representing Chi Sigma Delta Sorority Incorporated (since Summer 2019) Beautiful Spirited Women (2018) and Krimson Kourts Incorporated (Kappa Sweet since 1999).

Follow her on Instagram @p.rene_the_stylist


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