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Rawrrzone Lifestyle : A look into B.A.L Cosmetics Co. & Their CEO Roberta Lampley aka Venomiss

The music industry let alone the hip-hop scene is a highly competitive place, since the rise of the genre in the 1970s women have had to work twice as hard to make a dynasty. We have seen Nikki Minaj, Meg The Stallion, Eve, Missy Elliot and more make contributions to the industry and produce amazing products. However, the media does not do enough to highlight females in the hip-hop industry. Allow us to re-introduce to you to Roberta Lampley aka Venomiss.

We were introduced to Venomiss back in 2018 after the release of her project No Favors , No Regrets, No Apologies where we learned how deadly her pen really was. What we didn't know was there was another side to the International performer. In the height of the pandemic, Lampley didn't lay in wait for the world to open up to make a difference she started right away with a dream and a pallette. B.A.L Cosmetics was born within the first half of the pandemic with one goal in mind to amplify their mission "Women do not come in just 3 colors, shapes and sizes." The brand was created for the modern women to empower them to turn off the responsibilities and turn on the fire inside them to work on their confidence and their love for themselves.

With over 10,000 hits on their website and two years Lampley and B.A.L Cosmetics have become a household name creating an army of #BoldBabes . Bold Babes are the women who have been positively impacted by the brand and its mission. Women everywhere have been using the phrase #boldbabes in order to show off their glow and the positive feelings the brand has given to them. Some notable #Boldbabes include Dr. Casay Vaughn of Franchise TV and Radio , Jasmine Sanders, and more.

But is it just the products that make the bold babe, or is it the motto?

The magic behind this is the thought and dedication that Lampley has put into each product. With the motto there are more than three shapes and sizes the same with color. She has taken the time with her customers and developed lashes, foundation, palettes and lipsticks that compliment women of every color and size. Speaking from experience, we never seen a CEO that will take the time to help figure out what foundation will be right for the client, or even dedicate time and products to collaborate with other businesses. The magic of the brand is all Lampley, she has put the needs of her clients before her own. Even in her darkest she still continues to help empower other women. Not only that she continues to innovate the brand not only by making products that are safe for us to wear, but respect the values and restrictions and of course any allergies. The lip products are halal certified and vegan friendly. For those who do not know what that is A Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law. The lip products also contain vitamin E for lip conditioning and softening and their skin and body products contain natural ingredients giving the consumer the ultimate experience.

With B.A.L Cosmetics Co. is reaching their two year Brandiversary it only is appropriate for us to give Roberta Aka Venomiss the roses she deserves. The industry needs more women like her to continue empowering women to love themselves instead of tearing it down.

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