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Rawrrzone Picks - Anonymouz - No Ordinary

Anonymouz suprises us in his latest single and video for No Ordinary. Did you know that Anonymouz plays the piano. The singer from Brooklyn NY shows us his versatility as an artist but using his puerto rican flavor seducing the ladies with his music. Anonymouz has improved greatly as an artist professionally since we first met him at DJ Xotic Mami's event a few years back. The visual is crisp and clear shot by Z1neZero films.

The track produced Brabodofi really sets the mood for the season of love, and Z1neZero brings the metaphor of the song to life. When you have that moment where you not only have a deep love for someone but lust for them, and boy did the visual depict that . Lets get into the visual a little bit shall we? I loved the two models, one of them look like a mature version of Zelina Vega from WWE. But while the song is extremely sexual Anonymouz did not go trashy with the visual. He gave us the hoodie gentleman and removed the mask so we can get a view of the artist that is Anonymouz. As far as directing Z1neZero really captured the imagery that Anonymouz was going for with the camera angles and the way he panned away in the end where he was in bed and beyond the curtain.

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