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Rawrrzone Picks - Archduchess of Divinity - No More

Recently released and currently #1 on the UK Billboard Gospel charts, Archduchess of Divinity takes a stance in her latest single No More. The song takes us back to multiple disasters, the murder of George Floyd, the hight of racism and more. The mantra of the song No More takes us to the pain everyone has felt through the riots all over the nation during the pandemic, the loss we all suffered as the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. The Archduchess of Divinity. calls upon all of us to use our voices and fight to end the injustice and the pain.

The video is the perfect visual of the destruction that is described in the song. What stood out to us was the woman that was engaging in modern dance her presence left us in a state of reflection as the song went on.

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