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Rawrrzone Picks - Kyss Mi A55 Day 1

St Louis own Kyss Mi A55 has made an impression on our friends here in the east coast. The St. Louis rapper blew us away during our Big Dreams Concert in conjunction with Rockview Entertainment, Titan of Rap and Blacc Widdoh. The larger than life artist took to put his pen to paper May 2021 dropping his single Day 1 alongside his other 2021 single Big Ol Ayee . What stood out to us about him was not only his versatility but the business behind the music. Bringing him to the top of the DRT charts.

Day 1 is self explanatory, the song brings you the vibes to hang out with your Day1s the ones that always stand by you through thick and thin , with or without the bling, fame, and of course the many restless nights that we may be on the grind.

About KMA

Saint Louis Missouri Homegrown artist Born and Raised, Bring a different twist in hip hop Black Owned Brands to give you a different drip, unheard of punchlines, and a unpredictable flow.

Follow him on instagram @kyss_mi_a55


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