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Rawrrzone Picks - Rayne Storm AudioCity II

Since we last heard from the man of many hats Mr. Rayne Storm he has been taking over the world one beat, article, or verse at a time. Last time we broke down Storm’s project Audiocity we heard someone who has consistently put the work in and has finally mastered the art of the game. In Audiocity II he turned the world into his playground. While we know that there is a city on the cover with Rayne Storm looming over it in a dark contrast.

At first glance, it looked like the scene where Jabar took over Agrabah in Alladin. The contrast between the colors allowed us to make our connection. The 16-track LP gives us much to imagine and visualize to immerse ourselves in the project.

Let's talk about this though, Rayne Storm is one of the few individuals to have collaborations with some of the greats on one project. From Benny The Butcher and Camron to Jadakiss and Rick Ross. The young emcee is bringing the bars and exceeding the standards of his colleagues and predecessors. This must be Storm’s most aggressive track The first track Even if It Rains starts the project strong with Benny The Butcher hitting close to home. For an individual trying to make it in this industry, we always have fears and doubts wondering if those that we love will always be there to support us. Who will ride or die even when it rains?

Pocket’s Hurtin featuring Rick Ross is that hustle track. It is pretty straightforward about the hustle and things you need to do to get the things you want and for your pockets to stop hurting. The instrumentation in this reminds us of an early 00’s West Coast hip-hop vibe. However, New York is represented in the track Rap Rap featuring Planet Asia and G.Fisher, with Fish giving us Jadakiss backpack vibes calling shots on the entire rap game as its evolved over the last few years.

The wordplay in Audacity is quite clever, the project title Audiocity is the play on the word Audacity. In this track we see Rayne Storm taking a stand being a real one in a fake society, calling everyone out that has been fake and phony and making them accountable for their actions. We then have some of our favorites such as Jump featuring Cam’ron and Outside featuring Kony Brooks, Loudpack Dash, and Jadakiss these previously released tracks were added to the album giving us the nostalgic NYC hip-hop vibe while everyone on Outside brought back the classic nitty gritty nyc backpack rap.

We can not wait to see if the young emcee from Harlem will top this bombshell of an album. Check out the project on all digital streaming platforms

Follow him everywhere @raynestormmusic.


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