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Rawrrzone Picks - Reflect New History

It was once said if we do not learn from our past we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. Reflect looks to create a legacy in his project New History. In the era of social media there are still unaware of what is happening in the world around them. Reflect who grew up part of the K.I.N.G Movement (Knowledge Inspiration Nuture Through God) now President of the New York chapter takes what he learned under. the teaching of founder Chris Broussard and takes it another level. Even from the cover art itself on the newspaper byline states that the goal of the project was to explore int the uncharted territory of the past present and future. He looks to discover new ways to approach the society we are in and learn how to make it a better place for everyone to live in. From the introduction to the outro the project kept us engaged. The introduction starts the story of a teacher in a classroom explaining the concept of new history by immersing them in the past. The intro had freedom chants, news report on George Floyd and more freedom chants leading the start of the title track New History.

There were three songs that really stood tall in our minds. New History gives us Meek Mill vibes. He discusses he can't change the past but he can edit it. Discussing the chaos brought in the world and how he doesn't look too change or end it, but make a new history and make a legacy until he becomes the past history. Dear CHH , I call it the anti-drill song. Reflect discusses the drastic changes in the genre of Hip-Hop. CHH stands for Christian Hip-Hop, Reflect believes that Hip-Hop needs more to cancel the culture that promotes what hurts his people.

Good Man is the inner reflection of himself as a man. In a recent post on Instagram he talks about the origins of the song deriving from his journey with process of Lament. To lament is the process of expressing emotional and passionate sorrow and grief. From the harmonies to the vocals you can feel the pain in Reflect's soul and understanding why he is who he is. This track in our opinion is the most powerful track on the album with the level of depth and vulnerability that is presented to us. In the post he showed us what the song meant to him and how he is still working on himself, a lesson we should all try to learn for ourselves as people.

Overall this was very solid project, it served the purpose he stated in the intro to educate on what new history can be.

Follow him on instagram @reflectdartist


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