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Rawrrzone Picks - S-Rock - So Cold

The winter might be hot but S-Rock is So Cold. The emcee from Brooklyn took the year he had and kicked the door wide open to show everyone hes outside in 2024. So Cold is the anticipated single from S-Rock following his hit single City of Rage from his EP Goat Season Vol 1. The track produced by BigBoy Tracks addresses the dark side of one sided friendships. This track is the most vulnerable we have seen S-Rock. We at Rawrrzone enjoy music like this because it hits close to home. So many times we have called friends brother / sister and they have the knife behind your back. This track is the perfect way for S-Rock to say goodbye to old partnerships, toxic behaviors, and leave the haters in 2023. The production of the album takes us to the original boombap style giving you something to vibe with while engaging the listener and translating the lyrics into the imagery of the pain S-Rock may have experienced at one point in his life.

We reccomend this track to everyone looking to move on from certain things working on a better version of themself. You can't find this track on digital streaming platforms just yet, you can get your copy at

Should we put this on our Rawrrzone Picks Playlist on Spotify when it does come out?

Should we put So Cold on our Rawrrzone Picks for 2024

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