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Rawrrzone Picks - S-Rock - Titan of Rap Vol. 1 (GOAT Season)

The Titan of Rap Brooklyn's own S-Rock started off the summer of 2023 on a high note. From the production of the packaging of the project (i.e merchandise and the delivery of the campaign. he was able to complete the mission of this project is to show that the he will always persevere and be great. In his introduction led by Yonkers own Aaqil Ali, S-Rock has become a role model for artists based on the way he packages and represents himself not only as an artist but as a business person.

The 12 track project (exclusively for distribution via the Rockview Entertainment website and the TitanofRap Website ) brings a more mature and determined Titan as he shows everyone why he is one of the greats. The single City of Rage produced by Blu Diaz gives us nostalgia vibes taking us back to the early 90s hunger for the rap game. The project brings favorites such as Clatchet, showing us there nothing wrong with being classy with a little bit of a hood side. The project sampling some of the greatest that Hip Hop has brought us fire tracks such as GOAT Season sampling the iconic collaboration of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg Sill Dre S-Rock pays homage to the greats by making his own rendition. The track also closes the entire project sending a message to the Naysayers that the the negativity will not deter him and if they don't know what he is capable of they will find out now.

What we like about this is that the project is sold directly on his website


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