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Rawrrzone Picks - Verse Reed Chosen

The heart of the Bronx and one of the intergal faces of 4DX Record Verse Reed has been working hard coming out of the pandemic. In an interview with Welcome to the Rawrrzone Verse stated that this project Chosen was a long time coming and visuals will accompany the project In 2023

Chosen Verse's anticipated 2nd project gives us conscious boombap with a Dave East type of flow . Certified the introduction starts the album off strong , talks about how he wants to make it to the big time to give back to his mom after not having much growing up. He makes his stance on this song so strong it lingers on as you listen to the rest of the project

The instrumentation in the project is unique and gives us movie vibes. In Slow Down we draw 1950's American Gangster talking the future of 4DX Records and how they will take everything, they willl bring the smoke.

Chosen the backbone of the entire album discusses the inner talks Verse has with himself and looks to do better for himself and his future after losing his way with god. The album also had his lead single Right Now.

Overall this was a solid project, the bars flowed effortlessly , and the combination of the instrumentation and the lyrics were so eloquently fused that we were able to comprehend the struggles he has endured.

Listen to the project in full here

Follow him everywhere @verse_reed


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