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Rawrrzone Spotlight - Aina Brei’Yon

1) You are an artist, chef, and author. Is there anything you do not do at this very moment?

A: I’m a Leo so I feel like I can do any and everything lol. I’ll love to get back into acting soon, as well.

2) How has your upbringing in Chicago help shape the artist and entrepreneur you are today?

A: My upbringing shaped the way I see life and provided me with the tools needed to maneuver through the highs and lows of it. If you can make it in Chicago, you’re built to make it anywhere so my upbringing prepared me for anything. Chicago is a beautiful monster depending on how you choose to look at it. Art imitates life, so my music imitates how I see mine, and Chicago provided the vision.

3) How did writing help you as an outlet growing up?

A: Writing helped me express myself and helped me release those thoughts that would have been detrimental to my overall health if suppressed. It was the first form of communication I picked up on. Growing up in household where I didn’t have a voice, with writing I had one.

4) How do you feel about the stigma the industry places on women both as artists and entrepreneurs?

A: To be honest, this is a topic I don’t give too much attention to nowadays. As a women artist and entrepreneur, I feel like staying true to your true nature, no matter what that is, might be the longest route, but it’s the most sustainable, and the most rewarding. This is what I focus on. The industry can’t place anything on me that I’m not willing to uphold.

5) Tell me about 3k9 Productions, what would the process be like if someone wanted to inquire about your services.

A: The process is simple. Just contact us via email at or shoot us a text at (323) 696-7062 stating what services you’ll like for us to provide.

6) What have you learned about yourself over the last eight projects both as an artist and as a person?

A: I’ve learned that I’ve been through a lot, and that I’ve grown a lot as an artist and a person. I’ve gotten to witness myself from the observer seat. I saw myself go from one extreme to the next to finally finding the perfect balance in my music and in my life overall.

7) What is the secret to your success?

A: I was willing to take the longest route over any shortcuts. That route allowed me to see more, learn more, grow more, and provided me the space/time to see myself in a different life. It gave me more tools to work with and build something solid for myself. Too many people want it fast. Going fast, you’re upping your chances of having a fatal crash. I stayed faithful, I stayed driven, and I remained a student.

8) Tell us about Red Light Therapy? Tell us about how this project is dedicated to your father.

Red Light Therapy is being released on my father's birthday, April 26th. He passed away September 13th, 2015. My pops sacrificed a lot to keep the family under one roof, clothed, and fed. This is my way of showing him that I haven’t given up, and that I’m staying the course. He didn’t get to live out his dream as a musician. I want him to be able to live through me. I titled this project “Red Light Therapy” because it’s good for your skin lol. I feel that I’ve finally found the perfect balance in my music.

9) What is your favorite track on the project?

A: My favorite track is “If not me, then who?”

The attitude and the confidence on this track is liberating.

10) What message do you want your listeners to get from this project?

A: I want my listeners to get ME from this project. I want my freedom of expression, and my freedom in being myself to be infectious.

11) What would you tell someone struggling to make it right now?

A: I would tell them that anything worth having doesn’t come easy. Anything you go through, is setting you up to get you through. It’s building you up and providing the tools needed to build a solid foundation once you reach the levels you desire to reach. We all know that flowers grow at different speeds. Stop focusing on everyone else’s flower and stop comparing your flower to others. Just continue to water your seeds and taking care of your soil. It’ll one day take care of you. Anything you consistently feed will eventually grow. Just keep moving forward and stay focused. Your timing and divine timing is two different timings. God got you, but be mindful that God works through you and with you, not for you.

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