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Rawrrzone Spotlight - Dj Ace of Spades

1) For those that do not know who is DJ Ace of Spades? 

DJ Ace Of Spades is that dude.  The King of Clubs, the go-to guy to rock events that require music.  


2) How long have you been in the entertainment industry, what are some of the things you feel are the most valuable lessons you learned on your journey?

I've been rockin parties and mixtape for over three decades.  The most important lesson I learned over the years is that it's better to spend a lot of money once on quality gear than to keep spending money buying cheap crap that won't last long.  

3) What was it like to come up during the evolution of hip-hop? How do you feel about the current climate of hiphop today?

I had the pleasure of growing up during Hip-Hop's infancy.  I saw all of the elements of Hip-Hop evolve.  As far as the current climate goes, you have to take the good with the bad.  I love some of the technological changes but it made it easy for lazy people to get involved in the music biz in one way or another.  For example, there was a time where if you wanted to rap, you had to book a studio session for around $100 bucks an hour, spend thousands of dollars pressing up wax and even more money to either bribe club DJ's or radio DJ's to play your joints.  Now anyone can record an album on an iPhone.  Digital files can be made available on thousands of streaming platforms or radio stations via the internet or apps.  

4) Why work in entertainment? What made you want to DJ for Radio and Events?

When I was a kid, there weren't DJ's on every block.  I would listen to DJ's on the radio like the late Frankie Crocker, Red Alert, Chuck Chill Out, Marley Marl and others.  I wanted to grow up and be a radio disc jockey.  When I was a teenager in the early 80's, I would make mixtapes and play family house parties.  I started throwing parties in my late teens and I'd go to clubs in my early 20's to check out DJ's and sound systems.  I linked up with the late DJ Tommie Allen and started carrying his records in and out of clubs in the late 90's.  Tommie would have me open up and fill in when he wanted breaks and we rocked all of the biggest night clubs in New York.  

5) How are you able to stay up to date not only with music but the climate of the culture?

Back in the days, you had to go to a record store and purchase all of the latest joints.  Some smaller record stores would have someone who worked there who could put you on to an upcoming artist or group that was gonna be the next big thing.  Once I got into the showcase circuit, I'd see a lot of stars before they became stars.  Chrisette Michele, Fred The Godson, Mims, A Boogie Wit The Hoodie, Cory Gunz and Joel Ortiz.  Plus I keep my ear to the streets.  Young fans are mad fickle now though.  They'll really love a particular artist but only for a short period of time.  Like I mentioned before, anyone can rap now.  So much music is available and the attention span is so short  so before a hit song could peak, fans are on to the next joint that's trending.  We're in the TikTok era.  Ain't nobody makin songs longer than 2 and a half minutes these days because ain't nobody younger than 20 listening to more than 2 minutes of a song.  

6) Do you only DJ Hip Hop ? What genres can we catch you mixing?

I've been collecting and playing music for over 40 years.  I'm the most well-rounded and diverse DJ on the planet.  I don't play it all but I play most of it.  Rap, R&B, House, Techno, Freestyle, Disco, Soul, Pop, Dancehall, Soca, Latin and definitely indie.  

7) What makes you stand out from the rest of your musical counterparts, how do you keep up with the latest trends?

I stand out because I love what I do and I'm really good at it.  When I do mobile events, I'm not showing up with some cheap gear that sounds terrible.  When I do clubs or radio, I know how the equipment works and I'm not tearing their stuff up.  

8) What does giving back mean to you? What does being part of our Giveback for Shawn mean to you?

I'm not Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos but I am very fortunate.  I'm always down to give back to a good cause. 

And the Giveback for Shawn is a good cause to be a part of.  

9) What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

It's a lot of fun.  I've been playing music at parties since I was 6 years old.  To be able to do this at a professional level is dope.  

10) Not only are you a DJ and have an entertainment company, you are also a chef and many other things. What other services do you provide and how do you find time for them?

Club Spade Entertainment LLC is an up and coming entertainment conglomerate.  Besides being a DJ, I'm an event coordinator.  I host events.  I'm a radio personality.  I also do catering for events.  I've been known to provide several services for a single event at the same time.  Finding the time gets tricky sometimes when demand for my services is high.  I hate to turn down work but being able to turn down work because I already have work is a blessing.  

11)  You are currently helping your daughter run her own business. What is it like to be able to pass your knowledge to help the future generations?

My daughter and I are partners in three businesses right now.  I want to teach her that the best way to get the things you want is to work for it.  I'm always hearing stories of these young girls selling themselves for sneakers, clothes, sandwiches, potato chips or whatever.  My daughter can be a boss, make money and still be a kid.  And it feels good to be able to instill these values in her.  Especially about working hard and most importantly, owning a business. 

Follow him on Instagram @djaceofspades


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