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Rawrrzone Spotlight Inside the Gates with Dj Dr.Hollywood

1) For our readers outside of being the owner and editor of The Cure Magazine tell our audience who is DJ Dr Hollywood?

I'm Mike Christie aka Dj Dr Hollywood. I've been in love with music and wrestling since I was a baby. My earliest memories is of me at the kitchen table screaming kick his ass Hulk Hogan, and my aunt Gail playing New edition all day. I've been DJing since I was 16 years old, and at 21 I combined my love for music and media and started producing Television shows. For the past 20 years I've been in the Independent music industry working with up and coming artist, producing radio and podcasts, while creating the new magazine called The Cure Hip-Hop Magazine. 2) What does it mean to be a gatekeeper in Hip--Hop ?

I consider myself a Hip Hop Gatekeeper. That means to consistently uphold and teach the elements of Hip hop while preserving the history, so the evolution of Hip Hop can stay on course. Whether you are a Dj, Emcee, BBoy/Dancer, or Graffiti artist. We must keep the essence of Hip Hop alive and that means staying true to the original elements.

3) What is your Mount Rushmore producer wise and DJ wise?

This is a Hard question. From producers it goes Dr. DRE, Kanye, Rick Rubin, Bad Boy Hit Squad.

For djs: Dj Tubal Cain, Dj Ralphy CBS, Funk Flex, Kid Capri.

4) When did you realize you wanted to be a DJ ?

If you ask my Father it was at 3 weeks old when he took me to Eastern Parkway Labor day parade or when I was playing g on his dj set at 2 months old. But I remember helping uncle Dj Tubal Cain dj his parties when I was 13 then he let me dj my first block party at 16 and I was hooked from that point on.

5) How did you get involved in journalism?

My first TV Show that I produced in 2002 "Street Vizions" was an Independent Entertainment News Magazine, so we was reporting everything that was happening in NYC party scene, covering local news like the shooting of Timothy Stansbury and the documentary that was made about it by Emmy award winning producer Terrence Fisher. I've always had a love for journalism since I was in the 6th grade reading the New York Times doing current event reports. Thank you Mr. C.

6) What made you want to start The Cure Magazine? I felt like the field of print and digital media needed an new burst of energy and I am the Doctor with The Cure!

7) You are a wrestling fan? How has wrestling helped you develop your personality?

To have the ability feel comfortable to talk to anybody no matter Race or Culture. I can remember going to Madison Square Garden to see live events and speaking, joking even arguing with other wrestling fans from all over the world. I remember being at the "Curtain Call" with the entire section asking each other what's going on. So those experiences helped me be the people person I am today.

8) How influential do you feel music is in today's society?

Out of 100% I would say 80%. Music gives people a soundtrack to their lives. It's up to yourself to stay positive and keep the soundtrack uptempo.

9) What has been some highlights of your career thus far?

One of the first highlights was seeing my Television show listed in the Daily News TV Guide and seeing my name come across the TV screen "Executive Produced by Mike Christie."

I've had the honor to Dj for some great Hip hop artist signed and unsigned. Keith Murray, Uncle Murda, Joel Ortiz, Maino, Papoose, A tribe Called Quest, Raze, ARP, Debanaire, Durgavelli, Q.Willi

Then being a community activist putting together parades, rallies and fundraising in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

My Biggest highlights to date were the Births of my Son Mike Jr, and daughters Kyra & Gabby.

10) Without music who would DJ. DR Hollywood be?

A devoted Father and community activist striving to make a positive change in society so my children's children will grow up in a peaceful fair society.

11) Where do you see the Cure Mag going in the next five years?

One of if the the most respected media publications in the world.

Follow DJ Dr. Hollywood on IG @djdrhollywoood

Follow The Cure Mag @thecurehiphop

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