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Rawrrzone Spotlight - Lazaris The Top Don

1). For our friends at the Blogzone tell them who you are and if you had to create a genre for yourself what would it be?

I'm Lazaris The Top Don Of The Bronx & The savior of hip hop the next Afro Latino Emcee coming out of the birth place of where music Began my genre for myself would Be consider cinematic rapid with a combination of aggressive with precision my music gives you a movie feel like its real life.

2) How long have you been a recording artist what have you been able to take from there that you apply to your every day situations?

I have been a music recording artist since the age of 7 I was already making choruses and songs myself I became more serious with the recording by the age of 13 I learned many things from the business and watched the mistakes of my older friends and peers who didn't make it in the music industry I come from a musical dynasty music is in my blood line so I was able to apply watch I saw them lacking in marketing in to my career while learning how to take my anger & the everyday situations i go threw and apply to my music and song creation as music soothed my soul as i create it .

3) Who are some of your influences ?

Big Pun , Kool G Rap , Jadakiss , Big L , Big Daddy Kane , Rakim , Jay Z & Black Thought.

4) What is your process both writing and in the booth?

I am the ultimate visionary I don't need to write down rhymes as I recite bars in my mind as the flow of words writes itself in the mental tablet of the sheet i have embedded in my mind my process is that my pattern is similar to Jay Z I hear the beat and its speaks to me then the concept will generate for me as I hear the rhythmic sounds and patterns the creation process begins

5) You are a man of many hats what else do you do outside of being a hip hop artist?

I am a business owner, a publicists record label owner publishing company owner actor marketing specialist video editor graphic designer ghost writer , fashion guru , a mogul a product of my environment and the voice of the people many people tell me I should run for president of the united States cause I'm also a humanitarian and entrepreneur

6) You recently put out two singles taking two different stances as far as your life in hip hop what made you want to drop them the way you did?

My vision of what the world needs to see what a true master of ceremony is compared to being a legend in the street of the hip hop game and letting the fans see the difference in records such as classic timeless record compared to anthem or classic record.

7) On Rawrrzone you mentioned you will be putting out a couple of projects this year one solo and one with Blu Diaz what do you believe people are expecting of you in 2024? Where do you want both projects to stand in the world of Hip Hop?

I will be putting out my self proclaimed and street anticipated album titled The Life of A Don Vol. 1 Which is a series of my life and how I become a Don and a joint venture with Blu Diaz the super producer titled Red N Blue Visions and I want them to stand on the high boards of a independent classic album with a real story line and the dual project to stand as one of the best collaborative albums ever put out.

8) How did you meet Blu Diaz? What prompted your decision to create a dual album with him? I met Blu Diaz at a show case and through him. Sending me beats by email and asking me to work with him directly after he heard my voice and creative music ability to create right on the spot

9) What has the process been like? Does the project have a name yet ?

The process has been smooth sailing for me as he provided the beats and my creation process began to flow with the beats he created which lead me to create these choruses and full fledge songs the title of the project is called Red & Blue visions because his beat production company is name Blu vision productions and i have a song called red dreams so i decided to combine both and make it a dual project with Blu Diaz.

10) We know Blu is a producer but will we hear some bars from him and maybe a little production from you?

On This project you will hear one collaboration with me and Blu on the same song for the ladies my production wont be on this as me and him agreed he would provide all the instrumentals for this joint


11) Tell us about the production of the dual project , were there any obstacles while preparing this project?

For me there was nothing but free creative space and the right timing to release the project the production was my choice to choose from many different selections that Blu Diaz had presented to me preparing the right ingredients for the proper form of sounds we make the magic happen amongst one and other so we made it easy to eliminate any obstacles that stood before us for a positive out come .

12) You are known to be able to effortlessly mix the English and Spanish language. Will this be a solely English Language Project ?

It will have mixed English and Spanish bars along the timeline of the story this project has a story line behind it about to Latinos from different boroughs combined to keep the hip hop and Latino culture alive there will a surprise track that's Spanglish on here.

13 ) What's next for you both at this point of your careers ?

Next for me is major distribution with a huge label for backing and then me signing Blu to my label .

14) Any exclusives you want to tell us about the two projects?

On The Life of a Don Volume 1 there will be a lot of production from cover & Kass the Producer from COD clean or dirty and umbrella studios there will also be production from Da Inphamus Amadeuz and a secret track featuring the super group the army & Lord Finesse . On The Red & Blue visions project there will be some special features on the project that i don't wont to spoil yet but just know Dj Enjectic and my sister Itz Sueee will be on the project .


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