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Rawrrzone Spotlight - Super Producer / Dj Chuck Platinum

1) For those that don't know, tell our readers about you?

I am the Hip-Hop Evangelist! True hip hop head, lover of music, upholder of the culture, 30+ year veteran super producer Chuck Platinum

2) How different was the culture coming up in the 80s and 90's?

You had to really work hard to get on and you had to be special. There was no social media so you had to depend on record labels to get that worldwide notoriety. Music and life was different back then it was a great time to be alive.

3) Which producers / Dj's inspired you in your journey?

DJ wise I’m going to say first and foremost my father DJ Butch SOS he was the one who made me want to be a DJ. Outside of him Kid Capri, Ron G, Double R, DJ Clue all the ones you heard on those tapes back in the day. As far as producers RIP my sensei Ric Supreme he was the greatest to me. Definitely Pete Rock, Showbiz from Showbiz & A.G., Q-Tip, J. Dilla, Jermaine Dupri, Dungeon Family, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, there’s so many.

4) How do you feel about the transition from analog producing to digital production? 

They are both still relevant. Digital makes your workflow faster and you’re able to chime out ideas quicker, but analog equipment is still very useful when you want that warm nostalgic sound.

5)  What areas do you specialize in as far as producing?

I am a Hip-Hop producer. I specialize in sample chopping

6) As a DJ what do you feel like we are lacking as far as music goes?

I think we are lacking DJs having the courage to break records and play the music that the industry don’t know. The DJ is the real gatekeeper so if they spent more time breaking new records I believe there would be more of a balance in the game.

7) Recently some music you produced had made it to the major airwaves. How did that make you feel?

It made me feel great. After so long working on music and being inspired by so many who came before me it was nice to hear my work on the radio knowing my city and peers were tuned in. No better feeling.

8) You recently celebrated your 45th birthday and released your project for your birthday since our last interview how did the crowd react to your the project?

It was a very well received body of work. I’m glad that people show love to my music and I was very grateful for the response.

9) What are three things an artist should know going into a studio for the first time?

1. Be prepared especially if you’re paying for a session be ready to work and get your song done.

2. Make sure you get a clean version and TV Track for performances and be prepared to get on the radio if offered

3. Bring a flash drive or external hard drive and ask the engineer for a copy of your sessions. Those are your masters.

10) What are three things you would want to do to help innovate the producing game? 

Just mostly continue to unify artists and producers and make great music. We are in the era of the email and social media so I would love to see more collaborative efforts between the artist and producer. Also to help producers learn how to market and promote themselves and get them in front of the artists that are looking for the sound that they are bringing .

11) As both a producer and a DJ how do you prepare to go into the creative process? 

A lot of times I sit and just listen to music and vibe out. Good music always gets me hype almost like going to the gym or getting ready for a boxing match. 

12) Tell us about the Recordbreakaz Radio? 

Record Breakaz Radio is my radio platform that specializes in showcasing indie artists. I have a show called The Indie Heat show which is a mix show dedicated to the hottest indie music around the world 

13) What strategies do you use to reach your clientele?

Definitely a heavy social media user just reaching out to different people, but I just partnered up with a dope innovative tech company called Bistalk that specializes in growing your IG by reaching out to people who are looking for what you specialize in through A.I. 

14) What do you do when there is a request for a song that isnt in your repetoir rotation. 

I can always find a song in real time so that’s never an issue. If it’s an indie record I will just have them send the record to me and we will spin it on another show.

15) How do you keep up with technology and the neverending updates in the field?

I love technology it’s always been a part of everything I have done so I always have my ear to the streets on the latest equipment or updates that’s out.

16) How important are relationships in your line of work?

Relationships are everything. You need relationships and to be a trusted individual because most business is usually done by word of mouth. So if you build great relationships it will open up jobs and opportunities in the future.


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