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Rawrrzone Spotlight - Yerr Sports and Yerr for a Cure

Welcome back to our weekly rendition of our Rawrrzone Spotlight where we highlight creatives, small businesses, artists and more about not only their talents but how their voice has changed the world.

This week we sit down with Big Baby aka Dre of the Yerr Sports Show under the Jobber Tears Podcast Brand.

They started as four people who enjoyed sports banter and healthy debates, since their conception in December of 2019 the Yerr Sports Show had overcome obstacles and have triumphs that led them to become the powerhouse they are now. Under the Jobber Tears brand, they have become a staple in the New York pod community alongside the Jobber Tears Podcast has continued to change the landscape for both Sports and Sports Entertainment Fans alike.

Currently shy two months from celebrating a two year anniversary our Rawrrzone Spotlight for this week is the Team at @yerrsportsshow . Not only have they been entertaining the masses but Big Baby, Queen Tay, Brooklyn Matt , and the Voice of Generation Peter Rosado have started becoming a voice for a change as they started to share their voice for Breast Cancer Awareness with #YerrforaCure .

1) Tell us about yourselves ,What is the Yerr Sports Show ?

Well I am Dre aka Big Baby, along with BK Matt, Queen Tay and the Voice of a Generation Pete Rosado and we are the Yerrr Sports Sports show. We are four life long sports fans from NYC who want to give a different perspective on sports and life outside of it. Our motto is #BiggerThanSports because there are so many things that happen in the world that affect sports as well as everyday life and we cover all of that.

2) How did you guys all come together?

The Yerrr Sports Show was born December 30th 2019. That was the pilot episode of the show. And on January 13th 2020 Episode 1 dropped. It started with an idea that I had in the summer of 2019, I was running the Jobber Tears Podcast Facebook group at that time and myself and Sir Wilkins were talking about potentially having a sports show under the JTP Network. I immediately wanted BK Matt on and the team because we would talk sports all the time together. We decided we wanted a four person team and really wanted a woman on the show, especially a woman of color. The first and only person we thought of was Queen Tay because of her knowledge of sports and her strong personality that we knew would immediately fit with myself and Matt. Our fourth member was a friend of ours who was and still is a huge sports fan but due to personal reasons he left the show in June of 2020 and we later picked up Pete on September 28th of 2020 and we been hitting the ground running ever since.

3) What has been your favorite part of the Yerr experience?

I think for me the favorite part of being involved with the show is learning everyone’s point of view on not just sports but in life in general and gaining 3 more family members in the process.

4) Tell us about Yerr for a Cure?

So #YerrrForACure is a movement created by us at the Yerrr Sports Show to help continue to raise awareness in communities of color about Breast Cancer. Our Co Host Queen Tay was diagnosed early this year with this disease and we are happy to say that she is in remission and doing great. We are raising money for two organizations that specifically target women and men in communities of color to help one day find a cure.

5) Tell us about the African American Breast Cancer Alliance and the Sisters Network Inc. How did you become involved with them?

Sisters Network Inc. is an organization based in Texas that is committed to increasing local and national attention to the devastating impact that breast cancer has in African American communities. They have been around for close to 30 years spreading awareness and helping the fight to continue to find a cure for this disease.

The African American Breast Cancer Alliance is and organization that is dedicated to building awareness, networking, resources and support for Black women and men impacted by breast cancer. This organization was founded in 1990 by women at the time who were diagnosed with this disease who saw that there were no resources and support about breast cancer and African American communities. They realized the available information did not address the barriers, cultural needs, and treatment side effects they were experiencing. To address this, they met with the goal to create a culturally specific, easy-to-understand breast cancer brochure, provide a safe space where black women could connect, share and support each other.

We at the Yerrr Sports Show do not have a direct relationship with these organizations, but myself and Queen Tay felt that these organizations spoke for what we were trying to accomplish and felt comfortable that these were the places we wanted to help contribute to.

6) As a creative how does it feel to be able to use your platform to help others?

It feels absolutely amazing that we get to use our platform to continue to creat change in our communities. We look forward to do more in the future with not just breast cancer awareness but with everything our communities of color need any assistance with and that we help make change with. That’s why the Yerrr Sports Show is #BiggerThanSports

7) Any additional information on Yerr for a Cure, how can someone donate or become apart of the movement?

To donate please CashApp us at $YerrrForACure or purchase any of our #YerrrForACure merchandise at YerrrSportsShowStore.Com and use promo code: YERRR4CURE at checkout for free shipping in the US. You can also email us at if you would like to donate money on anything other than CashApp. Next year we hope to work with more content creators to make this a bigger cause and be able to have more resources to help people navigate through this terrible disease and know that they are not alone.

8) What is next for Yerr Sports Show?

We are running a basketball tournament next year so be on the look out for that, and we are always looking to collaborate with other creators so definitely hit us up. To stay in the loop you’ve tune in every Saturday live on Facebook, Twitch (xHOFxBigBaby) and YouTube to find out. Or listen to us every Monday on all your streaming platforms. You can follow us on IG and Twitter @YerrrSportsShow, Facebook: Yerrr Sports Show / Yerrr Sports Show Group Page, YouTube: Yerrr Sports Show and any of your streaming platforms: Yerrr Sports Show.


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