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Rawrrzone Spotlight - Young Nicky and the Set it Off Brand

1)For those that do not know you who is Young Nicky? 

Young Nicky is a up & coming artist/entrepreneur born & raised in Seattle Washington!!! As a kid he has aspirations of making it out & help feed his family through music as well as established himself as a business man!!!

2) How is the music scene out in Seattle?

Seattle has a big music scene out here!!! Some of the most successful artists in the music scene has stopped by in Seattle once before in their life!!! I remember going to Meany middle school with Macklemore growing up in the central district in Seattle while living with my grandma & grandpa!!!

3)  Who are some of your musical influences? 

I like J-Cole just because he made it with being himself & he's a lyricists if you pay attention!!! I also like Euroz & Dizzy wright out of Vegas!!! They have a conscious feel with their music & it can help you through your journey in life!

4) Could you remember the song or actual verse that made you wanna pursue music?

Tupac's "I get around" was the song that made interested in music & ever since then I wanted to make music!!!

5)  With Seattle's artists such as: Lenny Kravitz , Macklemore  & Nirvana , Do you feel being from Seattle  makes it more difficult being an artist on the grind?

Yes it's difficult to grind as an artist in Seattle because it's competition unless you got a label behind you but as an independent artist trying to get a buzz in Seattle the chances is slim to none until you have to branch out!!!

6)  What challenges do you face as an independent artist?

It's a slower process being independent than on a label because I'm doing everything by myself so it's a slower pace but in the long run the pay off will be big! Can't do complaining when my goal was too eat!!!

7) Tell us about Set it Off is this the first single you put out that has a merch brand behind it?

Set it off is the single of my Ep Versatile (Out now on all platforms) & I had an idea about dropping merch to help support the single but  merch for the ladies!!! Set it off is basically like a love songs between two people & they are not afraid to express that love!!

8) What has been your favorite part of entering entrepreneurship and what has been the most difficult part of this process?

Knowing I have my own merch out makes me want to learn more about business & starting a business is the most difficult because you should look at the long run of things!!!

9) What is your goal for the merchandise. Are you looking to expand the line beyond the flagship design?

I want to get my merch seen and heard in different states & city! I also planned on releasing new designsi n the future so just stay in tune to see what's the hype about!!!

10) What is the inspiration between the Set It Off brand and song ? 

Inspiration behind the single & merch is showing love to you're significant other!!!

11) What is your definition of Fashion? 

Being who you are & being comfortable with it!!!

12) What is one thing you want our readers to know about the brand ?  My merchandise is for everyone of color, size and age. I want to give people something that they can become inspired to chase their dreams by all means!!!

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