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Rocking the World with Stefski & Hutch's Debut Album Selling Lies

Stefski & Hutch have unleashed their latest album, Selling Lies, a fierce testament to the defiance and resilience that define rock-n-roll. Blending blistering riffs and driving rhythms, this album is a unique mix of rock for the soul, drawing inspiration from the ever-changing world around us.

Selling Lies is a melting pot of funk, metal, soul, and psychedelia, defying categorization with its infectious riffs and grooves. Stefski's commanding vocals and guitar, paired with Hutch's backing vocals and lead guitar, demand attention, while Maciej Duszak’s finesse on the drums drives the rhythm with ease. Each track shows the band’s ability to push boundaries and explore new musical territories.

"Retaliation", the last track released before the album dropped, erupts with energy, its post-grunge punk vibe offering a beacon of hope amidst dark visions of humanity’s regression. The fast pace, edgy guitars, and melodic sensibility hook you from the start.

The rest of the album sees the band's blending of diverse influences and their unrelenting energy make it a must-listen for any rock aficionado.


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