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Rocksteady Drops New Single 'The Abyss" off Music is My Drug 4

"Feeling Like The Turtle in the Race and really trying to win, i'm trying to keep pace."

Buffalo's own Rocsteady has been quite busy since his media day interview in November. His anticipated project Music Is My Drug 4 released January 13th, 2022 the single The Abyss leads us us through the mindstate of CEO of Higher Intellect Music Rocsteady and what he had overcome to receive the accolades he has received as well as the obstacles he has faced.

The single not only gives us a perspective in the mind of Rocsteady 585 but has us reflect on our own journey the obstacles we overcame , potential competition, insecurities we may carry within our journeys and more The song teaches us that life can be an abyss how we travel through it is how we become victors in life.

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