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Rumble in The Bronx - An Ableton Live and Notation Launchpad Performance Pt I and II

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught the entertainment industry a lesson to never forget. How detrimental your presence is when you have an audience and without an audience. We saw that in modern day WWE when Stone Cold delivered his Austin 3:16 speech to an audience of commentators before the thunderdome was introduced. For these group of individuals they took an empty studio room, grabbed their camera's and rocked out as if they had a stadium full of people. Rumble In The Bronx : An Ableton Live & Novation Launch Pad Performance was released as a one take performance filmed by July Quin, Kony Brooks, and Fernando Michael . The performance features songs from both Making of A Legend the Collaborative EP between Brooks and Quin , but it also features songs from Quin's Wide Eyed Boy which recently celebrated a milestone anniversary.

This was not their first appearance together for an Ableton Live performance the pair had collaborated in the fall of 2020 where Brooks performed Rooftops shot by Derek Aurelius. To see the relationship continue to blossom into something that elevates them both as artists is a representation of what "For The Culture" should mean.

Part I had our attention in showcasing Quin's talents, in Flex you see the versatility in Quin as he switched from his harmonies to rapping and turning up to the beat. But his conviction his performance of morning. In Part II Kony had our attention when he performed Rebuild and Juneteenth, on our Live at 5 on Instagram live Kony spoke about how this project was therapy , today we see all the emotions he conveyed in the lyrics we heard.

Let's give flowers to the man behind the guitar. The guitarist complimented both of their talents and went to the flow of every beat. If that was all done in one take I wonder what they can get done with a whole production behind them.

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